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I had enough ripe bananas to make a loaf of bread and a tray and muffins and even eye balling some of the quantities everything turned out fantastic! This beats my usual recipe from Fannie Farmer! (Sorry faithful old Fannie) I had some milk and white chocolate chips hanging around so in they went and it added to the perfection!

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Nymphadora Tonks September 26, 2009

This banana bread lives up to it's name. It is delicious! Nice and moist, enjoyed this fresh and hot from the oven, with some butter, yummy. My son who never touches any kinds of banana bread decided to try a slice, after that no one else got any, he finished off the whole loaf! Definately a keeper. Made this for the Taste of Yellow, Live Strong 2009 Event.

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Aunt Paula May 15, 2009

These are as good as any banana muffins we've ever eaten. I used 1 cup of mashed bananas, walnuts, and everything else as listed, cooking the muffins for 18 mins. They didn't rise as much as others I've made but they're lovely and moist, sweet, but not overly so, and came out golden brown. They're very sticky, so hard to cut and butter - maybe a hot knife would make the job easier. I'll make them with pecans next time but would happily have them with walnuts again and I don't really like walnuts. Great recipe!

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Soobeeoz November 04, 2007

When I don't have bananas in the house the kids are always clamouring for them. Then I buy a bunch of bananas, but they're green, and you would think these kids had no patience whatsoever, waiting for the bananas to ripen. Then, finally, ripe bananas. Each kid will eat one, maybe, and then the rest are left to go brown. This recipe is a Godsend! I used more than 4 bananas, but our bananas in this country are a little on the small side. I used a mini-muffin tin and we had the moistest, banana-est little bites of heaven you could possibly imagine. I left out the nuts entirely, and didn't miss them at all, the banana flavor was so intense. Pay attention to line #13, these babies are sticky, you are going to be licking your fingers afterwards, so make sure they're clean! Update May 2007 -- I made this yesterday in a loaf shape using a silicon loaf pan. I also added a bag of chocolate chips to the batter. It took about 75 minutes to bake, and was delicious! Can't I give this more that 5 stars?

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Mirj May 12, 2007

Made intomuffins and follow the steps exactly but cake turns out too moist and surface of muffin seems abit too sticky.

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Tom & Jerry August 17, 2003

Oh boy, this is a great recipe! Even though I only used 2 bananas it came out fantastic, just maybe a little drier than with the four. This has a really great flavour. I used walnuts and baked it in a loaf pan, next time I'm doing the muffins, can't wait!

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dale! September 20, 2002
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