Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 15 mins

I simply love waffles, but some recipe tend to be so time consuming and complicated. Well, this one definitely isn't! You can whip this up in nearly no time and enjoy a special Sunday breakfast with your family without the hassle. These waffles are more soft than others, because I like them less crispy.

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  1. Cream butter with sugar and vanilla sugar. Add the eggs one by one.
  2. Mix baking powder and flour and add to the egg-mixture alternating with the milk.
  3. Pour portions of the dough into a well-heated and lightly greased waffle iron and bake until golden brown. Keep warm in the oven (at 100 °C) until you have made all the waffles and are ready to eat them.
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I good basic waffle, not as fluffy as those made with seperated eggs, but great when you're in hurry. I used extract in place of the vanilla sugar.

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Instead of vanilla sugar, I used lavender vanilla sugar. It gave a nice taste to the waffles. These waffles are different. The dough is very fluffy and give great waffles. They were great with maple syrup. Thanks Lalaloula :) Made for Holiday tag

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Wonderfully light and tender. I found some great blueberries at the market so I added a handful of blueberries to the batter. I had to convert the recipe to US measurements which converted everything to ounces. It was a little challenging figuring out how much the ounces measured out compared to cups, but I must have done it right because these were delicious. Fortunately I already had some homemade vanilla sugar on hand. You can make your own vanilla sugar by taking a couple vanilla beans, putting a slice down the length of the bean (not all the way through) and putting them in 4 cups of sugar. (I used quart-size canning jars.) Let the sugar sit for a week, occasionally shaking the sugar. Store in an airtight container and you will have your own homemade vanilla sugar. Thanks for sharing another great recipe, Lalaloula. Made for Aus/NZ Make My Recipe Tag Game.