Grilled Breakfast Sandwich

Total Time
5 mins
5 mins

A bit different, and oh so yummy!

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  1. Cook meat items if neseccary.
  2. Fry egg until yolk is hard. Season with salt and pepper and set aside. If you like hot sauce you can use that to season as well.
  3. Butter both pieces of bread on one side, and place cheese, meat and egg beteen the slices, buttered sides of bread outward (like making a grilled cheese).
  4. Grill sandwich on both sides in a skillet on med-low heat until golden and cheese is melty.
  5. Cut in half diagonally and serve.
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Awesome recipe. Enjoyed it very much. Quick, easy and very satisfying and filling. Made for Best of 2014 Tag Game

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We had this for dinner. It was great. I used extra lean ham, 1 slice of American cheese. I used my panini pan to grill them and used butter flavored spray. Thanks Sue. Made for Holiday tag

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Made or Feb., 2008 Aussie/New Zealand Swap. Very good breakfast sandwich recipe. I used a multi-grain sourdough bread. I make a breakfast sandwich similar to this, but I never thought of cooking it in a skillet like a grilled cheese sandwich. Thanks for sharing such a tasty recipe, Lorie.