Low Carb Fake French Toast

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Total Time
1 min
5 mins

i found this on another low carb site. Smells wonderful while cooking

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  1. Spray pan with pam ,.
  2. mix all ingredients except sour cream and one pkg of Splenda.
  3. cook over med heat turn once this may be hard to do,.
  4. when done serve with sour cream mixed with Splenda.
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I just made this. Instead of topping with sour cream, I topped with chopped toasted pecans. It was delicious. (I will omit nutmeg next time.) It really does taste like French Toast.

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I have to admit I'm a skeptic when it comes to LC mock dishes. I have yet to try any that have wowed me, until now! I though "realistically, how can ricotta cheese even resemble french toast?" but it totally does!! I cooked mine in a frying pan with a bit of oil and made them the size of silver dollar pancakes. They were so good i made a second batch! MMMMMM! with butter and SF syrup, i couldn't tell the difference!!

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This was really good!! I used egg beaters and fat free cottage cheese and it was good and actually was very similar to french toast. Thanks for posting!