My Favorite Comfort Food Egg Sandwich

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 2 mins

The mayonnaise, believe it or not, makes all the difference in this sandwich. I and my family just have to have one every now and then. Good for a quick breakfast (if not on a diet!)

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  1. Spread mayonnaise on bread.
  2. Scramble eggs in butter.
  3. Pile cooked eggs on bread.
  4. Liberally salt and pepper.
  5. While skillet is still hot, place cheese slice in skillet.
  6. Let it start to melt, then scoop it up and place on eggs.
  7. Of course, put other slice of bread on and oh my it is good.
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great sandwich i prefer eggs sunny side up

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make this all the time although I toast the bread.

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A fabulous sandwich. I've been making these for years only I usually toast the bread. DH loves them as a breakfast sandwich and also packs them to work. For mine, I add a nice thick slice of tomato, YUMMO! Thanks MJane for posting.