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I had actually made another cinnamon raisin bread on the web site and thought it was good but I liked the wheat flour in this one. I didn't read your comments, Brooke, until after I had my loaf raising but I used active dry yeast and mixed it with the flour. I did not get a high rising loaf but that is all right with me. I very much like taste, texture and weight of this bread. I think the next time I make it, I will proof my yeast and see if it changes anything but I liked it the way it was pretty well. Also, I do not have a heavy duty mixer so I mixed it by hand. Possibly mixing it with the mixer might break down the oatmeal a bit more but I really liked it the way it was. I've never thought of a cinnamon raisin loaf as good with sandwiches but this does really well.

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MollyJ January 31, 2012

Yummy. I used steel cut oats and golden raisins. Next time I will dig in the pantry and find the dark raisins or use a combination. I doubled the recipe and got 3 nice sized loaves. I thought about adding the swirl as other reviewers did but I am lazy and didn't. This bread is really delicious.

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Ty's Kitchen October 25, 2011

Fabulous loaf of wheat & cinnamon bread! I absolutely love it, Brooke! I threw this in the breadmaker, including the raisins (oops!) and then added a swirl per Bayhill's review. This recipe yields a gorgeous loaf that was busting out of my 9x5" pan! This will be my go-to loaf from now on for a healthy cinnamon raisin bread... only I'll remember to put the raisins in late, and will increase the ingredients in the swirl, so it will be more pronounced! I did use dark maple syrup (Canadian Dark) for more pronounced maple flavour, and it was real maple syrup, not sugar free, too. Thanks, Brooke, for a fantastic loaf! Made for PRMR Tag.

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Katzen March 13, 2010

Very good. I followed the recipe exactly except I also added a cinnamon sugar/butter swirl. It's not a soft raisin bread - it has some nice texture to it.

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BrokenAnkle January 01, 2010

I made a few minor changes to this recipe, and it turned out really good, didn't have sugar-free maple syrup so I used the regular and reduced the honey to 2 tablespoons, used all purpose flour and increased the yeast to 1 tablespoons for a quicker rise, thanks Brooke!

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Kittencal@recipezazz December 26, 2008

This is a wonderful and healthy bread recipe. I loved the crustiness on the outside of the bread and the lovely cinnamon flavoring. I chose to make 2 smaller loaves. The bread was rather dense, but still delicious. Next time, I might let the bread rise longer than the 2 90 min. sessions. Thanks for the healthful and yummy bread! :)

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LifeIsGood December 23, 2008

You have a great recipe here, Brooke! Several things I especially like about this ~ the use of honey & whole wheat flour, &, of course, the raisins! Had no trouble at all with any of the preparation, but I will tell you that another time I'll be including some of Bayhill's tips (like the GREAT cinnamon swirl)! Thanks for a keeper of a recipe! [Tagged, made & reviewed in Every Day Is a Holiday cooking game]

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Sydney Mike July 17, 2008

Delicious! We loved this hearty, chewy cinnamon raisin bread. The flavor and the texture of this bread was outstanding. I had to use regular maple syrup as I didn't have the sugar-free, and the sweetness of the loaf was perfect. Also, I added 3 TBSP. wheat gluten to help with the volume of the bread (this is something I always do when using whole-grain flours or cereals in yeast bread). My family prefers to have a cinnamon swirl in their raisin bread, so after the 1st rising, I rolled out the dough to a 16"x10" rectangle. I spread some melted butter over the dough and sprinkled the dough evenly with a mixture of cinnamon/sugar. Starting with the 10" side, I rolled the dough up into a loaf shape and sealed the seam by pinching it. I put it in a 9"x5" loaf pan and baked it for about 40 mins. My family loved this bread and gave it 2 huge thumbs up. Brooke, you have a definite winner here. I will be making this often. Thank you for sharing! *Made for Zaar Stars Tag Game*

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Bayhill July 13, 2008

A nice bread. Not as much of a cinnamon taste as I expected but just the right amount of sweetness. Biggest drawback was the "doughy" taste of the bread. I used active dry yeast that I proofed before adding, and all-purpose flour in lieu of the bread flour. The bread rose nicely and I made a singe big loaf. Put together entirely in the KA, the dough came together well with a very good consistency and I had high hopes for it. I liked this recipe, just not as much as I'd hoped. ~Buddha

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2Bleu April 20, 2008

Five enthusiastic stars! Fabulous combination of really healthy and really delicious! I had no difficulty with the dough rising and ended up with one lovely fat loaf. I followed Brooke's instructions to the letter except (LOL) I used pure maple syrup, not sugar free. I used Irish steel cut oats and they really gave a great texture and flavor to the bread--it's amazing how different (and to my mind better) they are than rolled oats. I also used a combination of golden and dark raisins and plumped them in warm water before kneading them in. We've all had a slice off the end and love it. We are all looking forward to having some toasted with sweet butter and/or cream cheese in the morning. Thanks so much, Brooke!

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Chef Kate February 29, 2008
Rustic Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Bread